Friday, July 20, 2012

Bird Perfect

The first time I saw a magpie I was utterly enchanted. I thought its blue feathers striking, its long tail magical, and in full flight it was surely a picture of nature's bird-perfect design.

not my picture - but I did try!

Now that I live among magpies every day I have acquired (not to say learned) that they are not beautiful. They are a nuisance - everywhere you look - crows with blue stripes. They cackle and bark, eat baby birds, steal, maraud and generally behave badly. But it is their numbers that make them less than special. They are too common. If you only ever saw one magpie a year you'd have your eyes peeled and your camera ready every moment to capture it. And so it goes. We go gaga over rarity in nature. The harder it is to find, the more likely we are to find it worthy of our respect.  (cue voice over...."the rare and beautiful, elusive ________ " )That's what we want to see.

Not when it comes to humans though. We create standards to which we all aspire. Read any women's magazine and you'll find pages of tips on how to make yourself more like everybody else. Make your legs look longer, your waist slimmer, your eyes bigger, your nose smaller, even out unevenness, create the illusion of blah blah blah- it's endless. All so you can blend in with the flock of look-a-likes.

If you stand out the way say, a rare and majestic.....

shit - I just went looking for a picture of a rare bird to prove my point and I found the following pictures of the rarest birds in the world.....

Never mind......back to the thinking room.....

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